Devise A Safer Campus With School Video Surveillance

Devise A Safer Campus With School Video Surveillance

The safety of our children in their schools is something that should be absolutely paramount to any American parent. But unfortunately, we now live in an age where aside from bullying and vandalism, danger to our children can come in the form of drugs, and even shootings conducted by fellow students. And while there is nothing we can do to eliminate these risks 100%, security cameras, and video surveillance can be effective deterrents. 

The Risks in Austin, Texas

Students now face possible hazards in the halls of learning from: 

  • Kidnapping 
  • Drug dealing 
  • Sexual assault 
  • Shootings 
  • Theft 

And all this occurs while they struggle with the very real anxieties of academic performance, growing up, and discovering what kind of people they want to be in America. But these risks to students aren’t shrinking, they are growing, as America takes the top spot in the world for mass shootings. A school security camera system can help to fight these risks. 

How It Works 

One of the primary functions of security camera systems is deterrence, which is, preventing a crime from even happening in the first place by discouraging criminal activity. For example, in the area of theft, which can occur in schools or in school parking lots, especially vehicles, a report conducted by University of North Carolina determined that 60% of thieves would pass over a potential target if security cameras were present. We find these same results when it comes to other activities where perpetrators do not wish to be identified, such as sexual harassment, or sexual assault. 

Traditional School Problems in Austin

Even older issues in schools, such as bullying, or abuse from trusted figures such as teachers, have been shown to decrease considerably with the presence of video surveillance systems, especially if they are placed in the classroom. A teacher that might have formerly relied on fear from students or disbelief of parents to prevent being disciplined for hitting students can no longer do so when a camera shows every move. 

Conversely, other issues, like truancy can also be minimized once students realize that skipping classes and leaving school grounds is much more difficult when a school security camera records the activity as crucial video evidence. Being able to conclusively identify students and their behaviors can have a significant impact on improper school behavior. 

Faster Resolution 

Even if the tragic should occur and a mass shooting takes place, video surveillance systems, while unable to physically stop a shooting, can provide important information. The more an assailant appears on cameras, the more evidence is collected. Every bit of information helps in tracking down an assailant and ensuring that the law can exact justice. 

We Can Help Austin Students, Staff, and Parents

Supercircuits has the knowledge, the experience, and equipment necessary to make schools safer. If you want more peace of mind and added security for your school, just contact us. We can help you to figure out what is the most efficient and effective security coverage for your school, and then work with you to that protection to your administration and, most importantly, your students. 

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